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30 August 2007 @ 12:05 am
BLAST is re-opening once more and we're looking for new staffers! :D We need all the help we can get to get this group running smoothly. These are what we need:

We are looking for Japanese-to-English (urgent) and Chinese-to-English translators. We are not very strict on having every Japanese or Chinese text translated like author notes or SFX, but being able to translate the latter would be great.

Raw Providers/Scanners
We are looking for Japanese yaoi or doujinshi raws. But if you have Chinese yaoi manga or doujinshi, we might give it a try. We do not require scanners to have their books cut or have every pages of it ripped. Click here for hyukta’s sample scan of a grayscale or b&w image that was only bent at most. You must provide us scan samples for colored and black and white pages.

Editors must already have knowledge with Adobe Photoshop. An experienced editor is not required, but will be a great advantage. If you’re a newbie, you must have the patience and will to learn. Fonts will be provided and a short instruction/requirement in editing. We do not have time constraints for editors, but you should be able to finish in 2-3 weeks at most per chapter.

The proofreader must be at least almost-excellent in English grammar and able to point out misspelled words and missing punctuations. He/She will have a week minimum to proofread a translation.

Quality-checkers must be good at editing as well. You must check if the edits are consistent in terms of width-size and fonts; cleaning, leveling, cloning, and curves are properly done; and, be able to take note of grammar errors, missing punctuations, and misspelled words. The QC-er must be able to explain properly to the editor of corrections. Experience is not required, but an advantage.

Hyukta’s Assistant
Yes, Hyukta is looking for a full-time assistant! *lol* XD The assistant must have IRC access and be logged in most of the time because Hyukta tends to leave messages there instead of sending an email; will (and must be able to) upload releases to Blast’s IRC bot; help ‘poke’ staffers from time to time when there are stuff to edit, scan, or translate; and, have some leadership skills among others.

We will have some releases in the next few days. We're almost running out of projects, so... Give us something to do? Join us too please? ^.^

This is crossposted in every community I'm in. :3 I hope the mods don't mind. Oh, if the mods do not welcome this post, please delete it and let me know as well so I won't have to repost and annoy you. :P
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01 August 2007 @ 07:10 am
Happy Yaoi Day, Everyone! Keep the gay coming!

What better way to celebrate Yaoi no Hi by announcing LO's Yaoi no Hi mini-event.

A small event has been planned for YAOI NO HI! :D We're all trooping over to SM MALL OF ASIA on the 11th of August for some cake, coffee, and fun fangirly chats.

We'll be meeting up at Cafe Chocolat, Mall of Asia North Wing (behind McDonalds) from FOUR to SIX in the evening.

Please be advised that we will be asking you to contribute a small amount for your coffee ticket -- but this will guarantee you a drink and a slice of your choice from Cafe Chocolat's wonderful variety of chocolate cakes, so it's all good.

Bring your manga, bring friends, bring the gay! Let's all celebrate and have fun on this special day together! Drop a comment if you're coming, ladies! Or, barring that, email yukitsuyk@yahoo.com .
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Big thank you to all of those who were able to turn up... the con was a great success, and we -- the moderators -- are very grateful for your continued support! ^__^


We've sent out invites to the email addresses all of those who signed up at the ticket booth. Accepting this invitation will entitle you to privileges, particularly discounts and freebies for the conventions to come. If you have not received the invite within the week, please PM Kae or Yukitsu with your email so that we can send it again.


We will be conducting a purge of the mailing list to remove inactive and otherwise erroneous accounts. Please personally reply to the email message sent to the ML to either Kae (zaghiel@yahoo,com) or Yukitsu (yukitsuyk@yahoo.com) in order to continue as a member of this list. If you do not reply within a week, you will be removed.

Also, if anybody wishes to change their contact details, please inform the moderators~ ;)

Thank you for your continued support in spreading the love and keeping the fandom alive! <3

Jill, Kae, Khursten, Rael, Rotch & Yukeh
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